Making the Most of Facebook’s Crappy Cover Photo Compression Issue

Screen shot 2012-03-13 at 4.27.53 PM

Since trying out the new Timeline format, many brand managers and designers have agreed with me that image compression sucks. This hasn’t been too much of a problem lately because Facebook actually addressed the issue and now offers higher quality uploading…Read Interview

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Interview with Kwantlen Design Student and Rising Star Kristian Hay

Kristian Hay Feature Photo on Vancouver POV

The first time I noticed Kristian Hay was on Behance. That’s saying a lot because your completely inundated with talent on that network. Kristian’s a Kwantlen GDMA (Graphic Design for Marketing) student, and he’s only in his second year. I knew this guy had a…Read Interview

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Interview with Vancouver Photographer Krista Jahnke


This past week Vancouver POV caught up with Krista Jahnke, a local professional photographer with impressive flow in architecture and design. After following her on Twitter for a few months I finally managed to catch up with her outside the confines of the 140-characters-or-less realm….Read Interview

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This Week: Interview with Vancouver Web Designer Adrian Unger

Featured Photo of Adrian Unger

Last week Vancouver POV had the opportunity to catch up with Adrian Unger (aka Stay Decent), one of the rising stars of web design here in Vancouver. As a designer myself, the thing that attracted me to Adrians work isn’t so much the quality, or the knowledge he has, but the informal approach he’s taken to get to where he is today…Read Interview

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Off the Grid with Designer David Arias

Vancouver Graphic Designer David Arias

Last week I was on Twitter looking through some random portfolios for some inspiration when I stumbled across the work of Kwantlen grad and Vancouver independent graphic designer David Arias. This guys work totally blew me away, so I emailed him and… Read Interview

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Interview with Freelance Designer Nick “Phanyxx” Routley

Nick Routley Graphic Designer

My name’s Nick Routley and I’m a graphic designer from Vancouver, BC. I’ve been designing poorly for years, and designing moderately well for a couple. I graduated from Emily Carr University and BCIT in 2010, and since then I’ve worked on a wide range of print and web-based projects. Read Interview

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Interview with Mark “Atomos” Pilon of Vancouver’s The Georgia Straight

Mark Atomos Pilon of Vancouvers The Georgia Straight

Mark “Atamos” Pilon is an award winning Illustrator, Painter, and Designer. He’s a member of the Jupiter Project and Senior Designer at Georgia Straight Magazine. He also co-owns Moon Base Gallery. Mark took some time out for Vancouver today to talk illustration, industry, and showers?! This is Atamos’s POV. Read Interview

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Interview with Casey Hrynkow from Herrainco Brand Strategy + Design

Casey Hrynkow of Herrainco Brand Strategy + Design

If you want to drive a company story to people, to investors, you need to put it in their hands. And you need to be doing quality stuff. If it’s just facts, put it on an iPad, put it on the web. If you want to tell a good story, it needs to be in someone’s hands. And printed well, and designed well. Read Interview

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Interview with Vancouver Freelance Designer Madelynne Bazett

Madelynne Bazett Profile Photo

Madelynne was one of the first designers I contacted through Twitter after browsing through a few portfolio’s. I thought she would be a great representation of the many newly graduated designers out there, including myself! This blog isn’t about me though, it’s about other peoples story and what their experience has been so far. Read Interview

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